Detection of Asymptomatic Cases of Covid-19 Pregnant Women: A Systematic Review


  • Prima Soultoni Akbar Program Studi Perekam Medis dan Informasi Kesehatan, Poltekkes Kemenkes Malang, Indonesia
  • Santy Irene Putri Program Studi Kebidanan, Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi Malang, Indonesia
  • Astri Yunita D3 Kebidanan, STIKES Bhakti Mulia Pare, Indonesia



Asymptomatic, Covid-19, Corona, Pregnant Women


Background: There have been many cases of the Covid-19 corona virus detected in pregnant women. Data posted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that around 55 percent of pregnant women who are confirmed Covid-19 and hospitalized are asymptomatic.

Purpose: The purpose of this study to systematically review detection asymptomatic Covid-19 cases of pregnant women.

Methods: The articles were selected from WorldCat, ProQuest, EBSCO, and PubMed Database journal published from January to April 2020. "COVID-19" OR Coronavirus OR "Corona virus" OR Coronaviruses OR "2019-nCoV" OR "SARS-CoV" OR "MERS-CoV" AND Asymptomatic AND “Pregnant Women” were the keywords included for this review. Articles in English or Indonesian language that published or in press article about COVID-19, focusing in the detection asymptomatic Covid-19 cases of pregnant women, and the type of study is cohort were inclusion criteria. The articles using language rather than English or Indonesian were excluded. Articles for which no abstract and no provided any significant information was in the exclusion criteria.

Results: A total of 628 articles achieve from the databases, the authors identified 12 articles were analyzed.

Conclusion: Based on the results of a review of several article it can be concluded that pregnant women who do not have symptoms of Covid-19 show a large enough percentage and have a greater risk of receiving intensive care compared to women who are not pregnant


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