The Effect Catheter Care on Length of Catheter Installation


  • Wardah Fauziah Politeknik Negeri Subang
  • Aat Agustini STIKes YPIB Majalengka, Indonesia
  • Novian Mahayu Adiutama Politeknik Negeri Subang



Catheter care, length of Catheter Installation


Background:  Urinary tract infections may increase the prevalence of healthcare-associated infections, which reaches 40%. CAUTI can cause unnecessary postoperative morbidity, and increase the length of stay and mortality, which can lead to complications of urosepsis and even death. Many interventions of evidence-based nursing are practiced by nurses to prevent CAUTI. One of them is catheter care based on evidence-based nursing.

Purpose: This study aimed to determine the effects of catheter care on the duration of catheter installment.

Methods: This research described a quantitative study with a quasi-experimental approach with post-test only design with control group. The samples were 88 patients, consisting of 44 patients in the intervention group and 44 patients in the control group. Data were collected using observation sheets and analyzed using Fisher E and Mann Whitney tests.

Results: The duration of catheter installment in the control group and the intervention group was 5-11 days and 4-8 days, respectively.

Conclusion: Catheter of care could reduce the duration of catheter installment.


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